Shadrack Update 1/31/13 FINAL

5 Responses to Shadrack Update 1/31/13 FINAL

  1. Memory Zittrouer says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!!!

  2. Linda Jenkins says:

    The house looks beautiful. A job well done in preserving the past.

  3. Ann Carter Burdell Boardman says:

    I am SO proud of the Booth family for restoring my great-grandparents’ home.
    Unfortunately, after producing 4 little children, both Dr. Thomas Burdell and his wife, Emma Carter died.
    Ann CBBoardman

  4. William S Hagler says:

    I am so delighted that the home of Dr Thomas Burdell has been restored. He was born in 1832, obtained his MD degree in 1856 from the Medical College of Ga, and joined the ist Ga Regulars shortly after Georgia seceded. After he returned from the war he married Emma Francis Carter from Waynesboro and subsequently built his house, in which he practiced medicine, until both he and his wife died in 1881 leaving 4 orphan children, the second of which was my grandfather Carter Burdell.

  5. Gloria Miller says:

    Absolutely beautiful. So happy for the Booth family.

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